Exterior Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping is the process of completely or partially covering your vehicle with eye-catching wraps that are applied by hand and heat by our experienced installers.


Interior Wrapping

Exotic interiors do not have to be reserved for fine custom cars. Our experienced installers can transform your vehicle’s interior with our state of the art materials offering you special designs that customize the cliché factory models.


Plasti Dip (Whole Car)

Plasti Dip is a special high tech rubber coating that is applied to a vehicle by either spraying or brushing. With a broad range of eye-catching colors, we can spray your vehicle into almost any color, giving it a new look whilst protecting it against moisture, abrasion and UV rays.


Window Tinting

Unique Tints has been selling and installing window tints since it first opened and was one of the companies in Auckland that popularized their use through high standard professional installations. We consider it as one of our traditional services, which we have provided for almost 10 years.


Lights Tinting

Another service we have provided for years is lights and headlights tinting.


Paint Protection Film (Exterior)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a specially designed clear film made to preserve the quality and beauty of your vehicle’s color. It is barely visible when installed and provides tough reliable protection against road hazards such as stone chips and abrasion.